Piovan Group


Piovan Group is the global leader in the development and production of industrial automation systems for storage, conveying and processing of polymers, plastic and food. Headquartered in Santa Maria di Sala, Venice, the Group was born from Piovan, founded in 1934 as a mechanical engineering company; in 1964 enters the plastics industry and specializes in the manufacturing of auxiliary equipment.


Today, Piovan Group is a multinational organization counting more than 1.800 collaborators worldwide.
With 14 production facilities, located in Italy, Germany, Brazil, China, India and USA, 43 services and sales companies, and a distribution network that covers about 70 countries, the Group provides service and support to its customers around the world.


Thanks to its continuous growth, the Group has extended its presence also to Food and Cooling industries, bringing its experience in process fluid treatment and providing across-the-board solutions for industrial refrigeration and temperature control.

Brands of Piovan Group are:

  • For Plastics: Piovan, Universal Dynamics, Fdm, Doteco, Energys, Penta, Progema, Conair, Pelletron and Republic Machine.
  • For Food: Penta and FEA
  • For Cooling: Aquatech and Thermal Care.


Three main pillars guide Piovan Group’s corporate philosophy: Customers, People, Innovation.
A business approach based on understanding customers needs, a focus on our people, the most precious asset and Piovan Group’ constant commitment to innovation of processes and technologies.


In October 2018, Piovan S.p.A. entered the Italian Stock Exchange: an important milestone and a new challenge for the whole Group.