SmartConvey – Central Vacuum Conveying System

Fully automated loading system available for use with all Doteco gravimetric systems as an alternative to single hopper loaders. Operated by the interface used for gravimetric blenders, It efficiently and practically solves all the problems involved in raw material loading.

  • Easily operated by the same interface used for the gravimetric unit.
  • Control software integrated with the gravimetric blender software.
  • One or more vacuum pumps to serve all the receivers installed on Doteco blenders.
  • Receiver and pump can be linked through configuration.
  • All receivers linked to the same pump are served in turn, according to a priority sequence automatically assigned by the gravimetric unit.
  • Alarm messages and diagnostics in plain text.
  • Operates simultaneously up to 8 vacuum pumps and up to 64 receivers assigned to any combination of pumps
  • A vacuum manifold connects receivers to the assigned vacuum unit that supplies all receivers, one at a time, in a demand sequence operated by a central control
  • All receivers connected to the same pump are served in turn, according to an automatically assigned priority sequence

Materials suction lances

  •  Different designs to ensure optimal suctioning regardless of the material bulk density.


  • Volume-fill sensor eliminates the need for setting fill times. The receiver fills until the specified volume is reached, maximizing filling and conveying efficiency.
  • Wide discharge outlet for rapid material evacuation without bridging. Rubber gaskets ensure perfect seal of the flapper valve during the suction phase, also in the presence of residual material.
  • Hinged flapper valve with integral limit switch, insensitive to dust.
  • Silos suction box with multiple outlets.
  • Automatic filter cleaning for each loading sequence, with blast of compressed air from the mains, accumulated in the lid built-in tank.
  • Stainless steel rigid pipes or flexible anti-static PUP hose.
  • Silo suction box.

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