NPE 2024

11 Apr NPE 2024



After a 6 years NPE, the largest plastics trade show in the Americas, is back and we couldn’t miss the chance to attend! We are looking forward to meeting you at Doteco stand (W2701) and show you our latest solutions for dosing and extrusion control!


At the stand, visitors will be able to discover VENTO, our new automatic film cooling and thickness control system.
The air ring, specifically designed to minimize friction and pressure drops, allows high performance in terms of 2Sigma reduction and thickness uniformity.
During the line start up, it is possible to increase the speed at which the sensor measures the film thickness, allowing a quicker 2Sigma decrease, determining a substantial scrap and materials waste reduction.
The servo motor-controlled valves ensure rapid and precise variations of the localized airflow, significantly reducing the time required for thickness correction.
Suitable for low and high stalk bubbles, it can be easily installed on pre-existing lines.

On the gravimetric dosing side, on display GRADO ADROIT, the full modular gain-in-weight “batch” blender with integrated extrusion control. The fully modular configuration allows the number of ingredients to be varied at any time by simply installing additional dosing stations. The resulting degree of extreme flexibility allows GRADO ADROIT to adapt perfectly to the customer’s production needs, even if they change over time. The versatility combined with high performance and field-tested reliability makes GRADO ADROIT the ideal tool for a wide range of applications.

Las but not least, BLENDO ADROIT, our continuous loss-in-weight gravimetric blender specifically designed for applications that requires extremely high accuracy and precision even at low dosing rates.
Available in 4 sizes with a maximum throughput of 200, 400,800, and 1300 kg/h. and in HT (high temperature) version for dosing heated materials.


Would you like to see some gravimetric blender in action? There will be Doteco machines running on our partners’ extrusion lines at the show.
To know where to find our blenders, please refer to the image below.


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