• Intuitive graphic interface.
  • Wide range of settings, alarms and data reports.
  • Integrated remote support via VPN service.
  • Remote access from any device connected to the same network.
  • Graphics automatically adapt to the screen, no matter the size.
  • ALL in ONE solution: Doteco control softwares on the same device.
  •  Multi language.
wbox sito 1


  • Touch screen display
  • Solid state drive; highly reliable, large capacity
  • Full color display
  • USB service port and Ethernet for remote connection
  • Handheld device sizes: 7” and 10”
  • Panel mounting sizes: 7″- 10″- 15” and 21”


  • New architecture coded in HTML 5.0.
  • Works with multiples process control software on the same device (i.e. blenders, IBC, air ring for gauge control).
  • Integrated VPN system for remote technical assistance (standard on all models).
  • By using the VPN it is possible to download updates for the CPU and Wbox.
  • Computers within the same network can easily access to WBox.
  • The same process can be monitored by different devices thanks to a  password system.
  • Multiple languages available, including CJK characters (CN, JP, KR).
  •  Very intuitive visualization through colored alarms and icons.
  •  Select who can access and grant different level of permissions, with a customizable users management fuction.
  •  Thanks to the solid state hard disk, no additional storage needed.
  •  Combined with the latest X-20 CPU, computation time is much shorter.
  •  Minimized downtimes with the remote technical support.
  •  Complete and detailed reporting system, to maximize output quality and material wasting.
  •  Handheld device comes with 15 mt cable to ensure full mobility.
  •  Control all the processes from your desk, remote access available within the same network.
  •  Concentrate only on what matters, all Doteco process softwares installed on WBox share the same architecture, minimizing the learning process.
Main Menu
Scales Calibration Screen




  • Set the optimal parameters of the Adroit series blenders.

Users management

  • Three different users types, with different privileges (from visualization mode only, to Doteco technical service level).

Help section

  • A visual explanation of all the setting icons.

Remote Assistance
Doteco’s service team will be able to support the users by:

  • Checking the blenders status and its parameters.
  • Uploading PLC software updates on the WBox (once the procedure is completed, the update can be downloaded on a USB drive and transferred to the PLC).
  • Updating the WBox.
  • Using the WBox to directly connect to the PLC.
Recipes Menu



Dosing application includes all the Parametrization functions plus:
  •  Set the dosing percentage of each component.
  •  Check/Set the loading system (if implemented).
  •  Check/Reset the consumption’s totalizers set values for each component.
  •  Visualize, for each component loaded in the hoppers, density and totalizers.
  •  Check/Set the dosing slide gates status (auto/open/closed).
  •  Check/Set the batch slide gate status (auto/open/closed).
  •  Check/set the mixer scoop status (auto/on/off).
  •  Upload/Save a recipe.
  •  Load and set a recipe.


SPC mode:

In the SPC settings page, the user can set the sampling options in order to obtain relevant performance statistics.

Extrusion Control
Extrusion Quality Report



Extrusion control application includes all the Dosing functions plus:


Extrusion and haul off speed control:

Visualize and set values of: throughput, thickness, weight, density, layflat, layers percentage, layers throughput and haul off speed (if enabled). Furthermore are displayed the real values of: layers production, layers thickness, screw models and speed.


SPC mode:

In the SPC settings page, the user can set the sampling options in order to obtain relevant performance statistics regarding the extrusion process control.

Loading Screen
Variable Trends



  •  Intelligent Loading System (CAC), to minimize residual material in the hoppers and speed up cleaning procedures.
  •  Advanced Reports, to record performances over the time.
  •  Variable Trend Statistics, to monitor variables for quality control purpose.